Apartment 10

A San Francisco native moves into an apartment who has been unknowingly cast into make-shift Reality TV show by his delusional room mate whom's long time wish is to be on Reality TV.

Written by and Starring:
Zack Chapaloni & Nathan Habib

Filmed, Edited, Produced, Visual Elements:
Gordon Henson

The Grid - Hello World (2012 Version)


This is a video I produced in May of 2012. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in creation of the initial vision of this product: A hassle free way of creating websites to empower online users. 

This video was shot on location in the San Francisco Bay Area entirely on DSLR’s; a Canon 5d2, and t2i. I used Premiere CS6 to edit — all UI animations, motion graphics, and Virtual Screen recording were produced in After Effects and element 3D. Some 3D work was developed in Maya also.

It was the initial fundraising video for TheGrid. It was such a success amongst savvy private investors, TheGrid hit their funding goal with no need for public support! This video does not reflect the current branding and Design/functionality of 2014.

It was a great experience being part of this adventure. I got to travel, made friends with amazing talented people from across the world. I witnessed the growth of the company from when it was just a few guys creating a beautiful way of displaying streaming content to full multinational team of bad ass Engineers and Designers. 

TheGrid team launched their early registration page on October 8th, 2014. Get ready for something special and truly beautiful. Join the evolution and reclaim your online identity with TheGrid.

If you'd like to become a founding member, please visit: https://thegrid.io/#28



This was an additional update video for the NoFlo Kickstarter campaign. I animated this entirely in After Effects and Maya. I had to visualize and animate metaphors to accompany the narration.

Flowhub Kickstarter Update

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers. Funded by Kickstarter, from the NoFlo team.

This was an update video for the NoFlo Kickstarter campaign. I animated this entirely in After Effects and Maya. I had to visualize and animate metaphors to accompany the narration.

NoFlo Kickstarter

This video was done for our kickstarter. Shot with a Canon 5dmk2 and 5dmk3 in San Francisco and Toronto. This was the first project I got to use the Philip Bloom camera dolly by Kessler. It was blast to use. The subtle shifts of parallax really added a lot life and value to a shot.


Software begins as boxes & arrows on a whiteboard, let’s keep it that way! Imagine, a platform that eliminates spaghetti code...

NoFlo is a flow-based programming (FBP) framework used by programmers to create JavaScript applications for the browser and Node.js. With your support, we will complete the hosted visual development environment, so anyone can create apps with NoFlo.

The NoFlo website: noflojs.org

TechCrunch: techcrunch.com/2013/08/01/noflo-launches-kickstarter-campaign-to-provide-a-way-for-everyone-to-understand-and-visualize-code/

GigaOM: gigaom.com/2013/08/01/noflo-turns-to-kickstarter-to-expand-program-to-help-non-techies-read-code/

Android Authority: androidauthority.com/noflo-kickstarter-campaign-252388/

Leigh Taylor chats about designing the NoFlo UI

The origins of NoFlo, interview with it's creator Henri Bergius

NoFlo - Dan Tocchini IV

Asked 100 people in SF...

DJ StevieB

Super Square La Rosa

I Believe In Our Love - Super Square

Into Me - Super Square

Ben Lavee

JimmyHits and BBoy Wicket - "1990 Party"

Konova Slider Motorized - Close Up

I received requests to make another video showcasing the setup and required components. This is an A to Z step by step process of how I set up my Konova slider. All the parts I already had in my kit, except for the Servo Controller, and fishing line. Everything just came together conveniently.

You can also mount a Celestron Telescope motor to this slider with ease. (For a slower movement time lapse of the stars). I've mounted it and it works. I just haven't had time to do an example.

For a list of all components used: vimeo.com/27318014

I hope this video is helpful and I look forward to seeing what other people do with this. For other cool sites with great resources check out:


Motorized Konova Slider - Timelapse

This is a fresh experience trying out a moving time lapse. I'll post more as i get more practice in.

It can only really operate at up to 45 degree inclines. It's not strong enough to lift a camera and lens vertically. Even still, I'm happy with its performance at the price range of the components. The servo can be controlled at variable speeds.

For time lapses, it works for everything except for night time timelapses of the stars. It simply can't move slow enough for proper 30 second exposures. How ever, You can easily mount a Celestron Telescope motor to the konova to accomplish this.

Expect to pay just over $100.
Most the components I needed where already in my kit (except for the servo driver). These are worth having and have multiple uses. The following components where used to create this:

-standard 9v battery or large 6v Battery (6v featured in video/image above)

-Servo Pulley. $7.99:

-Continuous Rotation Servo. $14.29:

-Servo Driver. $49.99:

-Variable Friction Arm. Prices Vary:

-Friction arm clamp. $12.50:

-80 lb Fishing, "Spider Wire" (a fishing pal hooked me up with 10ft of line):

-OCZ solid state hard drive mounting bracket (you'll have to drill a few holes to fit your needs) Check out home depot too. There are small plates with pre-drilled holes that could work:

-Two small carabiner clips. $1.29:

-2 light camera bracket mounts that came with z96 LED video lights. (I'm not sure what the are really called)

-1 Sliding closet door wheel (they can be found at Home depot)

-Vari ND filter on the 5d for the timelapse


I had just purchased my canon 5dmk2. I was out practicing and just learning how the camera works. This man insisted on talking to me and he let me record the experience. This is a simple edit of our short time together. I admit in the beginning I really wanted to avoid him and just practice some photo/video in privacy. But by the end of the experience I was humbled and I had nothing but empathy for this man. He made some life choices in his past that pushed him away from his family and into a level of despair. He misses his family dearly and consumed with regret.

College Graduation Demo Reel

Produced during my time at Expression College in 2006.