Desert SciFi Structure

Modeled and textured with Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop.


OPAL, 3d Character

Provided concept art, I modeled and textured the Body and the Book, and provided game resolution version of the assets.


The main character, Gabriel, from Castlevania Lords of Shadow. This is one of many assets I worked during my time at Konami. I received a high quality version of this character  from the game and had to do an overhaul optimizing to get it to the PS Home standards while preserving the perceived quality of the original game character. This was an avatar for Sony Home. It's a character avatar you can purchase on ps3 home store.

TMNT progress

Modeling, Sculpting and Rigging in Maya and Mudbox.

Dragon - Turn Table

An asset I created during my time at Sony. Modeling, Sculpting and Texturing done in Maya and Mudbox.

Dragon - Close Up

An asset I created during my time at Sony. Modeling, Sculpting and Texturing done in Maya and Mudbox.

Hello World - iMac to Ipad

I created this motion graphic as a display of how technology has evolved from the first iMac to today's iPad.

Software Used:
Maya, Mental Ray
After Effects



I worked on the UI with photoshop and after effects. I Modeled space ships and some floating platforms In Maya.

After Earth VFX

This video contains 4 shots I worked on for the M. Night Shyamalan film, After Earth. I worked on more than this but this was all the studio was able to dig up for me.


Organic Creature Sculpt

This is a creature model I made while taking an organic sculpting class online. The class was taught by Gio Nakpil and the creature concept art by Rob Bliss. 


I animated all the shots with the Perfume bottle. I modeled and rigged the tassels as well.

Client: Burberry

Studio: Major Tom, NYC

Season of Audi

Material setup, lighting and rendering done in Maya. 

Client: Audi

Studio: XYZ Graphics SF


Sci vs Fi

This is a piece I helped produce during my time in NYC. I set up the overall look, I provided modeling, animation, projection Mapping, and matte painting, and scene set up. I animated the first two shots.

Client: Sci Fi Channel
Studio: C-trl Labs, NYC

American Eagle

Commercial Work. I animated the bird in Maya.

Client: American Eagle
Produced at MajorTom, NYC

Bird Animation

Animation done in Maya.

Tillamook Van

3D Modeling in Maya.

Client: Tillamook Cheese

Studio: XYZ Graphics SF

Happy Holidays from Konami!

This is a short animated web advert I produced during my time at Konami. We where given less than two days to pump this out. I rigged, Animated, Lit, Rendered, and comped this together. There was some creative freedom on this but there was zero time to polish and refine. It was very stressful but fun none the less.


Studio: Konami

Storm Combo Light Test.png

A_Rival Avatar

I worked on a 3D character for a Game Music Composer and good friend of mine, Luke Esquivel. It was a blast to do! I made him a Street Fighter style Avatar that he could use to play in game.  This video is was used as an intro to his set for a DJ battle he performed at Magfest 2017. The following links are to realtime poses in Sketchfab. Click the link and you will be able to rotate the models directly in your browswer. Enjoy!

Standing Pose:



Running Pose:



UpperCut Pose:



Kick Pose:



JumpKick Pose:





Audi Slide

I produced all Visual Elements- Set up of HDR strobe, Materials, Lighting, rendering, Animation, and composting with Maya Mental Ray and After Effects.

Client: Audi
Produced at XYZ Graphics, SF

R8 in the Living Room


Material Setup, Lighting and Rendering in Maya & Mental Ray.

Oro Sculpt

This is a quick sculpting exercise. It's based off concept art of a character from Street Fighter, "Oro". Sculpted in Mudbox.

ACCD Logo Build

Objective- Create a compelling animated graphic that leads into the Logo.

First clip is Stock footage, re-timed and glorified with a number of filters. All CG was generated in Maya.

Creative Concept and All Visual elements. I provided Story boards, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Material Setup, Lighting and rendering, Compositing, Audio and video edit and sound generation.

I was provided the final Black and white Logo. I created the build up to that logo.

Client: ACCD

Stealth Walker Break Down

Done for a modeling competition. Though I didn't win it received an "Honorable Mention". Modeling, lit and rendered in Maya & Mental Ray.


Weapons test animation:


Tuff Guy Cart Racer - Rig

I rigged a character and shopping cart for an indi game. This is to showcase the carts flexibility with limited joints. Done in Maya. Model and texture supplied by Dan Fessler.

Cart Racer - Rig

I rigged a character and shopping cart for an indi game. This is to showcase the carts flexibility with limited joints. Done in Maya. Model and texture supplied by Dan Fessler.

Soldier Rotation

Just creating some portfolio pieces.

Software used:

Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Headus UV Layout, Headus Cyslice

Mich Helmet

Modeling, sculpting and texturing in Maya and Mudbox.

Army Helmet

Game Rez helmet. Modeling and texturing done in Maya, and zbursh.

M4 Rifle Model

A rifle model for a soldier character model I was working on. Modeled in Maya, textured in Mudbox.

The Early Worm Gets The Bird!

This is for all you old school gamers out there: a collaborative fan rendition of one of most beloved video game characters of the 16-bit era! Done by Jo Pena and I, this modernized take on Earthworm Jim is headed to the 3D Printing Studios where it will be brought to life in 10" figurine form!

To view more art by Jo Pena, Please visit:

Ugly bird

Sculpted in Mudbox.

3D Photo Face Rotation

An experiment creating photogrammetry.

Anatomy/Expressive Study - Sculpt

Base mesh modeled in Maya, then Sculpted in Mudbox. This was an exercise in anatomy, posing and expression.

Bust Sculpt

Just another quick sculpting practice. I used Zbrush and Mudbox back and forth playing with different brushes.


Game Rez asset. Maya, zbrush and photoshop where used

Head Set

Game Rez assets. Maya, Zbrush and photoshop where used.

Composite Practice

Shot with a Panasonic SD9 with a 3rd party wide angle lens adapter. Matchmover, Maya, and After Effects where used to create this. Shot in downtown Petaluma.

College Graduation Demo Reel

Produced during my time at Expression College in 2006.